Join us this #Carentine’s Day

February 14th is around the corner, and we know that most people think of this day as a celebration of love. Although Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a celebration of romance, love can take many different forms. It is found through community, friendship, and family. It is expressed through empathy, support, and caring. That’s why this February 14th, we are asking you to help us celebrate Carentine’s Day, a day in which you can show your support for the SRNA community and our mission.

You can help us in the following ways:

  1. Donate to SRNA’s #carentine Facebook Fundraiser
  2. Create your own #carentine Fundraiser on Facebook
  3. or, donate directly through our website, where you will be able to send a #carentine e-card and send your love to someone special!

We appreciate any help you can give us, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every bit helps. These funds are used to support our programs, such as our support group meetings, our Ask the Expert podcasts, the Rare Neuroimmune Disorders Symposium (RNDS), and the SRNA Quality of Life Family Camp.

Will you be our carentine?