How to Experience the RNDS Through Social Media

The 2017 Rare Neuroimmune Disorders Symposium (RNDS) is finally here! The RNDS takes place this week, Oct 20th and 21st, in Columbus, Ohio.

SRNA is excited to share this event with our community and hopes to provide a meaningful and beneficial experience to all who attend.

We are aware that many people in our community are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, financial reasons, health concerns, or simply being Michigan Wolverine fans unwilling to step foot in Columbus. For those who can’t attend in person, there are many ways to keep up with everything happening at the symposium.

  • For those unable to attend, all talks will be video-recorded and made available in the Symposium Videos section of our Resource Library following the conference.
  • Sign up for notifications of Live video on Facebook and/or other platforms in case any attendees share a live stream.
  • We are encouraging attendees to use #rnds2017 on social media when sharing their experiences. Be sure to search that hashtag and connect with those in attendance.
  • Post your own photos using #rnds2017. Just because you can’t join us doesn’t mean you should feel left out. Show us how you are spending your weekend!
  • Lastly, for Sunday’s Walk-Run-N-Roll event we will share photos using #ohwalk2017.

The goal is to bring together as many members of our community as possible. The RNDS is a great opportunity to do that, but with more than 12,000 members in 100 countries, it’s not possible for everyone to meet in person; however, the wonderful thing about social media is that we can all share stories, information, and encouragement no matter where we are located.