Spanish Information Sheets Now Available

Do you have patients who speak Spanish as their first language? SRNA has recently published information sheets on each of the rare neuroimmune disorders that have been translated into Spanish. The goal of this project is to expand the reach of our resources to more people who need access to critical information regarding their or their loved one’s diagnosis. With the generous support of Horizon Therapeutics, we were able to translate our disorder information sheets. We are extremely grateful and excited to offer these important resources to our community.

You can find PDF versions of each of the rare neuroimmune disorders at the following links:

If you would like printed copies of these information sheets (in Spanish or English) or any other resources in our Resource Library, or have suggestions for other resources to be translated, please contact Krissy Dilger at [email protected]. As we continue to expand our resources and programs to reach more members of the rare neuroimmune community, we hope you will be able to use these resources in your practice.