SRNA and NeurologyLive Updates: SRNA’s 29th Anniversary and Conversations Around Disability

SRNA joined NeurologyLive for a Roundtable Discussion to reflect on the advances in the rare neuroimmunology space since SRNA was founded in 1994. Marco Meglio of NeurologyLive was joined by Sandy Siegel, PhD, president of SRNA, Benjamin Greenberg, MD, Vice Chair of clinical and translational research at UT Southwestern Medical Center and SRNA Board Member, and Douglas Kerr, MD, chief medical officer of GenerationBio and SRNA Board Member.

Formerly The Transverse Myelitis Association, SRNA’s umbrella includes not only transverse TM, but also ADEM, AFM, MOGAD, NMOSD, and ON. The last 29 years of research and scientific development have allowed for a better understanding of these disorders, more precise diagnostic tools, and more treatment options. You can view all the Roundtable Discussion videos here.

Sarah Todd Hammer was interviewed by NeurologyLive for a video on “Changing the Perception and Conversation Around Disability”. Sarah Todd is a 21-year-old college student and disability advocate who has been living with acute flaccid myelitis since she was 8 years old. During the interview, she spoke about why the language used around disability matters, and what terms are generally found acceptable and unacceptable by the disability community. Sarah Todd also shared her story of the onset of her disorder and the eventual diagnosis in a NeuroVoices article. You can view Sarah Todd’s interview here and her NeuroVoices article here.

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