SRNA’s New Podcast Series: Community Meets Clinic

SRNA has launched a new podcast series called “Community Meets Clinic”! During the podcast, we introduce providers to the rare neuroimmune community. The goal of this series is to assist community members with getting to know healthcare professionals and clinics in a real and more personable way. Many people in our community travel significant distances for their healthcare appointments and rehabilitation visits. This podcast series is intended to help patients understand providers’ experiences, passions, and how they work together with patients and families.

The first episode of the Community Meets Clinic series featured Drs. Kelsey Poisson and Camille Wilson from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH. Dr. Kelsey Poisson shared what led her to practice pediatric neurology and neuroimmunology, as well as her work researching social determinants of health and pediatric NMOSD. Dr. Wilson discussed her work as a clinical psychologist with specialty training in neuropsychology. She spoke about her interest in long-term outcomes from a neurocognitive perspective of people who experience events with a neuroimmune basis. Next, they gave an overview of the multidisciplinary team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and which specialists a new patient might expect to see. Dr. Poisson and Dr. Wilson also described how they look after themselves and stay grounded. Finally, they provided details on the Neuroimmune Family Education Day, which took place on September 9, 2023. You can view the podcast and transcript here.

We are excited to offer the Community Meets Clinic podcast series to our community as an additional resource for patients to find the right team to handle their care. If you would like to be featured on a Community Meets Clinic podcast, please contact Krissy Dilger at [email protected].