3 Ways to Connect and Get Support from SRNA

At SRNA, we are committed to supporting individuals living with rare neuroimmune diagnoses and their families. We strive to be a valuable information resource on rare neuroimmune disorders and also seek to provide meaningful ways for members of our community to connect with each other. Below are three free resources designed to provide support for both individuals and families. If you have questions regarding the items below, please reach out to us at [email protected].

  1. New Member Meetings

If you are new to SRNA, then this meeting is for you! Our virtual, new member meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month. During this one-hour meeting, you will learn more about SRNA, the work that we do, and the many resources we offer. In addition, you will be able to meet other members of the community who have been diagnosed with rare neuroimmune disorders. Pre-registration is required. Please visit our event page to sign up for the next meeting.

  1. Online Support Groups

We know it can be very frightening and isolating when being diagnosed with a rare neuroimmune disorder. Many people struggle or feel hopeless as they face the daily challenges of living with a diagnosis. We would like you to know that no matter where you are in the world, or what challenges you may experience, you can always access a caring support network through SRNA online support groups.

Participating in a support group can be an empowering experience. SRNA online support groups bring together community members who are going through similar experiences. Connecting with others in a support group can help members feel better about working through their unique situation and be more hopeful about their future.

To join an SRNA support group, please visit our event page and pre-register for the meeting of your choice. Meetings are held monthly and family members, care partners, and loved ones are also invited to attend. If you are interested in becoming a support group leader, please contact us at [email protected].

  1. Peer Connect Program

No matter where you are in your journey of coping with a rare neuroimmune disorder, there is someone who can empathize with your situation and help. SRNA’s Peer Connect Program matches community members with a peer with whom they can have regular one-on-one meetings that are friendly and supportive.

Whether you are newly diagnosed or have been living with a diagnosis for years, our Peer Connect Leaders are available to provide meaningful connection and emotional support. SRNA Peer Connect Leaders have been diagnosed with a rare neuroimmune disorder, and peers are thoughtfully matched based on diagnosis, gender, age, and other criteria. Each matched pair decides together when to meet and how often they would like to be in contact. You and your peer will also determine if phone, email, video, or some other mode of communication works best for your meetings. Currently, we are only able to create English-speaking matches. If you or your loved one require a match with someone who speaks a language other than English, please contact us at [email protected].

To sign up to be matched with a peer, please visit  SRNA’s Peer Connect Program page. Please note, our peers are not physicians, so they cannot dispense medical advice; however, they can direct you to resources that can help answer your questions.

If you would like to serve as a Peer Connect Leader who provides support to members seeking a peer, please click here to get started.