Registry Fundraiser Campaign Matched!

We are incredibly grateful for the generous support we received during our 2022 SRNA Registry Campaign. Over $28,644 was contributed to this campaign, increased to a total of over $53,644 thanks to the generosity of Mr. Mike Myers and the Mike A. Myers Foundation.

One of the most important things that we do at SRNA is collect data for our registry. By collecting information from participants at all stages of their rare neuroimmune disorder, we can create a more accurate picture of these disorders. This helps us find commonalities and advance research to develop ways to treat them. SRNA Board member Dr. Benjamin Greenberg eloquently explains the importance of the registry in working towards cures in this short video.

Because of generous donors, we will be able to continue our research initiatives and provide hope and help to all those affected. A special and heartfelt thank you to our generous matching donor, Mike Myers, and to Curtis Meadows for making the connection and believing in the power of the Registry.

To learn more about the critical work of the registry and to sign up, click here.