The Patient Advocate Foundation’s Rare Disease CareLine

People with rare neuroimmune disorders often face financial burdens from the high cost of medical care, rehabilitation, assistive equipment, and more. The Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) is a nonprofit that promotes access to affordable, quality health care for people with chronic, debilitating, or life-threatening illnesses. It provides important thought leadership in developing policies to support its mission, working with other organizations to advocate for health care policies and collaborating with community partners to advance person-centered care and an equitable health care system for all Americans.

PAF has recently launched a new resource called the Rare Disease CareLine. This program is designed to provide free and confidential navigational assistance with financial and practical challenges that impact people with rare disease’s ability to access healthcare. The goal of the CareLine is to help people with rare diseases access care and treatment recommended by their physician. PAF remains committed to offering financial, access to care, and social needs navigation to those affected by a rare disease. Some of the areas in in which the CareLine is designed to help you are: resolving coverage issues such as off-label denials, network limitations, benefit exclusions, prior authorization, finding resources for financial aid, understanding and selecting coverage options, or applying/appealing for disability.

Request assistance online or call 800-532-5274 option 2 to access the CareLine.