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Journey to SRNA Family Camp

How do I adequately explain exactly what SRNA Family Camp meant to my son Logan and me? I’ve been meaning to write about our experience since returning, but every time words completely fail me. Ultimately, I cannot wait any longer, so here goes…

Logan was completely paralyzed from the neck down by rapid onset Transverse Myelitis on 7 February 2005 when he was almost 6 months old.


For those who use three or four wheels for personal mobility, you might be interested. I have recently stumbled upon a website that lists places of business utilizing the Google GPS Format for mapping cities and towns in the US and other countries, and showing places of interest such as restaurants, hotels, parks, etc. as a general locater.

Exercise to Help Me Walk Better!

For some years now I’ve been extolling the many virtues of the Toning Tables – a set of tables which move bits of you around and which you can use to exercise the muscles around your body with no strain. I’ve been going twice a week to a salon in the village in which I live, and really enjoyed myself. Apart from the value of the actual machines themselves, keeping my body reasonably healthy and supple, I enjoyed the social contact.

In Their Own Words – George Florea

I was diagnosed with TM on October 12, 2013. I am hoping to learn more about this disease from others affected by it directly and indirectly (family coping is a big part of what I want to learn more about, to help my family and friends along the way as they support me).

A Visit to the Rare Neuro–Immunologic Disorders Symposium: Dallas, Texas: October 25th – 26th October 2013

Ron Raulerson’s excellent resume, elsewhere on this blog, of the Rare Neuro-Immunologic Disorders Symposium at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, emphasised what a thoroughly rewardingexperience it was for the TM, ADEM, and NMO sufferers in attendance. He mentioned that one of those who attended had travelled from London.