Welcoming SRNA’s New Communication and Engagement Coordinator – Skye Corken

I am thrilled to be joining SRNA as their new Communication and Engagement Coordinator. SRNA has a strong focus on quality of life and a passionate drive for community connection —all things I value. I love creating meaningful experiences for people and to have the opportunity to do this in my new role is a great feeling.

I chose Global Health Studies as my degree because it is an expansive field that seemed to combine every academic interest I had. I loved the health side, but I also took several courses focusing on nonprofit organization management and became fascinated with learning how nonprofits function in society. After graduation, I decided to intern for one over in Ireland. My first big task was helping lead a multi-day corporate volunteer project redoing a school in Galway. At the end of day one, I knew my journey with volunteer management was just beginning.

Since my time in Ireland, I’ve grown both professionally and personally. I’ve worked in higher education, engaging both alumni volunteers and donors. I’ve learned the critical importance of strategy while navigating the vast world of digital communications. Mostly though, I’ve learned that the impossible really can happen with a great team. I’m grateful to all my past coworkers and teammates for teaching me that lesson.

Working with SRNA is a dream. This organization is doing fantastic work and has created an incredibly close-knit community —one that I can’t wait to get more involved in. I’m proud and excited to support SRNA’s mission in any way I can.