#KnowTheFacts About Transverse Myelitis

This Transverse Myelitis Awareness Month, we want you to #KnowTheFacts about transverse myelitis.

Fact #1: Transverse myelitis is a disorder with approximately 1,4oo new cases diagnosed in the United States each year, but it is not widely recognized by the general public as being a significant, serious spinal cord disease.

Fact #2: Transverse myelitis affects approximately 1-4 people out of every 1 million and is therefore considered a rare condition.

Fact #3: Transverse myelitis is a devastating condition, affecting the neurological system, caused by inflammation of the spinal cord, and can occur as a single condition or in the presence of another illness.

Fact #4: Symptoms include weakness of the extremities and lower back pain, and, as the condition progresses, numbness, paralysis, sensory loss, bowel, and bladder dysfunction may occur.

Fact #5: Recovering from transverse myelitis can be difficult. Rehabilitation is key in the recovery process and should be started as soon as the person diagnosed is medically cleared for activity.

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