What Does TM Awareness Look Like?

We are mid-way through Transverse Myelitis Awareness Month, and we are blown away by the support and enthusiasm our community has shown for this cause! Throughout the last few weeks, we have been sharing information, resources, and stories on our social media platforms to bring awareness to TM, a rare inflammatory disorder that affects both children and adults and causes injury to the spinal cord. We compiled some of the highlights from our Awareness Month campaign below.

How can you join us in our effort to bring awareness to even more people about this disorder? Follow us on our social media platforms (see below for links), share our posts, and send us your story so that we can amplify your voice! Our first post of TM Awareness Month reached over 35,00 people on Facebook because of the many people who shared their stories and shared the post with friends and family. Our community is our greatest asset in spreading awareness for transverse myelitis, and with greater awareness comes more resources and better outcomes for those diagnosed.

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