A Note from The MOG Project

The MOG Project responds to receiving the 2019 SRNA Distinguished Service Award

After receiving the 2019 SRNA Distinguished Service Award, The MOG Project would like to express the following.

The MOG Project is deeply honored to have been chosen for this award! This journey, as advocates in this new disease frontier, started with an idea cultivated by years of deep suffering and uncertainty. It was an idea to ensure that no one with MOGAD is misdiagnosed or finds themselves lacking in answers. SRNA generously brought us into their world to help the MOGAD community and launch this project. Today we work in collaboration as partners with compatible missions to leverage our strength together and serve not only the MOGAD community but the entire rare neuroimmune disorder community, too.

We are inspired by SRNA’s story. The compassion and generosity of the SRNA founders, staff, and all associated medical professionals, as well as the resolve to make an impact, consists with what is best in humanity. We are proud to be part of it.

The MOG Project team works hard, is highly motivated, and we are a family. We were brought together two years ago through a common bond of this disease, whether it be those of us affected or parents and supporters of loved ones. We would like to recognize our 2019 MOG Squad members by name in appreciation for their efforts as this award is so meaningful to them:

Julia Lefelar
Amy Ednie
Kristina Lefelar
Cynthia Albright
Peter Fontanez
Pamela Fontanez
Andrea Mitchell
James Mitchell
Jen Gould
Diana Lash
Chelsea Ednie

We have grown in 2020 with new members who have joined us with that same hope to make a difference and for their involvement, we are truly grateful. We thank SRNA, for, without them, this would not be possible.

– The MOG Project