AFM Physician Consult and Support Portal

The AFM Physician Consult and Support Portal was established in May 2019. We launched this portal in response to the 2018 bi-annual outbreak of AFM, in coordination with CDC, the AFM Working Group, and physicians from the University of Texas Southwestern’s Transverse Myelitis Center (UTSW) and Johns Hopkins Myelopathy and Myelitis Center (JHMMC).

The portal is located on our website, as well as linked to from CDC’s AFM Physician Resource website. The purpose of the portal is to connect other medical professionals (e.g., ER physicians, pediatricians, neurologists, ID physicians, PA-C’s, NP’s, etc.) who may suspect an AFM case, to the physicians specializing in diagnosis, treatment, and research of this rare disorder. If a medical professional completes the request for a consult, they are connected with a physician from UTSW or JHMMC within 24 hours to assist. The physician consult portal is only for medical professionals to connect with another medical professional. Due to medical, state, and ethical restrictions and obligations, the professionals specializing in this disorder are only able to consult with one of their licensed peers who may be treating an individual with AFM in their own clinic.

The portal is being utilized by various professionals in the medical community. Making certain the medical community is aware of this resource as well as others specific to AFM, is of utmost importance to SRNA.

Parents and caregivers who may suspect an AFM diagnosis or have received a diagnosis and are uncertain of what to do or where to turn next, are urged to share the portal with their physicians. We also urge you to utilize the Myelitis Helpline and an SRNA team member will reach out personally to you and specifically about your questions. If it is concerning a consult with a physician, we will discuss with you the various ways in which you may be able to work with your current medical team to make that happen.

An accurate diagnosis and prompt administration of acute treatment(s) remain an essential component in recovery from an AFM diagnosis. Please continue to promote awareness within the medical community and general public about AFM, including the AFM Physician and Consult Support Portal.