Walk-Run-N-Rolling with the Changes

Pivoting to a virtual event in 2020
By Maleah Moskoff

The best-laid plans…ah well, we know how to pivot with the best of them, right? Before inflammatory myelitis, I was pretty stuck in my ways, but since then I have learned what going with the flow really means. This concept helped me recover from the blow that is COVID-19. As a Hope Ambassador and support group leader with the SRNA, I wanted to spread our message of hope and determination to my home state of Wisconsin by leading the local 2020 Wisconsin Walk-Run-N-Roll.

What a fantastic way, I thought, to publicize who we are and what we need as far as support. I imagined we would gather at the park reserved for us; walk, run, and roll; cross a finish line; and, celebrate with water, snacks, and race t-shirts! You know, the typical weekend “fun run” scene. I imagined some media coverage and content we would be able to share for months to come.

Then, coronavirus hit, and stay-at-home orders followed. The best and only safe option for everyone was to cancel the in-person event. Jeremy Bennett, Community Partnerships Manager of SRNA, was integral in helping pivot us to a virtual platform. I have to say it was out of my comfort zone, but hey, there is no shame in the “educating and asking for donations” game. Zoom to the rescue! We (virtually) gathered on September 12, smiled, and shared some stories and health updates.

As many of us can relate to, we work with what we have to work with, and we understand that everything changes. We hope to attempt Plan A again in 2021 or when it’s once again safe to meet in person. I am proud of what we all accomplished together and grateful for all who contributed. Thank you!

SRNA wants to thank Maleah for her determination and dedication to our cause. Because of her, the other participants, and our sponsors (Associated Bank, DLC, Alexion, Genentech, and Viela Bio) the 2020 Wisconsin Walk-Run-N-Roll raised $4,000! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this event. Hopefully, we will see you all in person next year.

If you are interested in learning more about our Walk-Run-N-Roll events, please contact Jeremy Bennett at [email protected].