Creative ideas needed for an engineering project!

–GG deFiebre
Research and Data Manager @ SRNA

Many of us rely on equipment or devices to be able to best function in the world we live in. Some of us use wheelchairs, others use walkers, and others use adaptive equipment to eat, get dressed, or type. These things enable us to participate in activities that we may not otherwise be able to be a part of. I use a power wheelchair and talk-to-type software in my everyday life, but I’ve always wanted to be able to propel a wheelchair on the beach. Have you ever thought of an idea for something that would make things easier or more enjoyable for you to do?

Now is your chance to submit your idea and have a group of engineering students at Penn State University (PSU) attempt to make it a reality! Past examples of similar projects include:

  • Outdoor conversion wheels for gait trainer
  • Assistive feeding utensil
  • Motorized rolling walker
  • Device to perform pinching, tapping and grasping

If you have an idea that you would like to propose for the project, please fill out this form by November 5, 2016.   Any and all ideas are welcome! The more creative, the better, and group project ideas are also encouraged.  The final project idea will be selected by a panel of SRNA members, based on its ability to be developed, creativity, and potential benefits for our community.